Social Media – Socially Draining


Happy Friday Loves!

I have been having such a love hate (mostly hate) relationship with social media and it’s purpose and value to us as beings.

Let’s start off with Facebook – I have been coming less and less amused and more annoyed with this platform every day. Initially it was used for people to share thoughts and stay social with friends. Today, all I see are pointless videos of  shit I could careless about. Scrolling through my news feed and all that I see are cat videos, political videos,  the occasional totally inappropriate post. If this is really about being “social” it’s been completely lost in the video sharing hype. The only person who talks to me on my Facebook is my crazy aunt who I haven’t actually seen in fifteen years – THE ONLY PERSON. So, do I keep a Facebook just so she can say hi? Or just so I can see people’s random “life events” that I really don’t care about.

**Note to self, please delete account this weekend**

Next … INSTAGRAM. This, I can put up with because it’s pictures and not someone sharing thoughts about Obama or how they would love to make a pecan pie recipe video. BUT – These photo’s we share are really not someone’s day to day life, not the reality, and it’s only what people WANT us to see (already misguiding and misleading). You see a picture of someone’s meal at work that looks absolutely amazing and you envy their life, meanwhile they actually HATE their job and wish they could just quit and travel the world. But you would never know this.

Because they don’t want you to know.

And probably because you really don’t care

Or, do you?

Why must we share every action and movement throughout our day(s), yet we don’t trust people with our actual raw feelings and emotions – This constant feeling of being on guard is exhausting. Although, you do find those occasional people who share EVERYTHING – but you’re always thinking to yourself like WOW, why would you put that out for everyone to see? ….What a weirdo.

Or are YOU the one being weird?

Social media is such a strange way to interact with our peers and yet we rely on this to “catch up” on everyone’s life. So why not just delete EVERYTHING, all your social media access, DONE …      ERASE …     [[B O O M]]. Sounds so easy to do, right? But it’s not. Because we don’t share our realness, but we cannot fathom the feeling of being

F O R G O T T E N. 

If you don’t have a social media outlet, are you a ghost? – Absolutely NOT. If anything you are being the realist you have ever been because your not snapping pictures of everything you are actually out their DOING IT, being in the MOMENT, LIVING your life.

Thank you “FORREAL” Friday for keeping it real – My practice is to be in the moment and enjoy. Removing social media from my daily routine’s and habits – because we are not here to get sucked in to something so draining but to go out and learn, live, and love the life we have today.


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